Tools that help you understand and program retro computers

Initially we're focussing on reference programs and tools designed for the Zilog Z80 range of microprocessors, but we will be expanding into other platforms over time. Initially you'll find our iOS (iPhone and iPad) 'Z80 Reference' app and a quick CP/M utility (getDPB) for accessing the Disk Parameter Block. The big project we're working on - hence the site name - is a complete retro Integrated Development Environment. If you're interested in becoming a beta test for this, please contact us below.

Z80-based computers

The Zilog Z80 processor was used in a huge range of computers throughout the 70s, 80 and even into the 90s, with the following being some of the more commercially successful:


Amstrad CPC and PCW

Aster CT-80

Coleco Adam

Dick Smith System 80


Epson QX-10

Exidy Sorcerer

Heathkit H89

Kaypro series

LNW (LNW-80)

Lobo (Max-80)

Nascom 1 and 2

Osborne 1

Radio Shack TRS-80

Research Machines 380Z/480Z

Sanyo (MBC-1000/1100/1200)

Sharp MZ and Z1

Sinclair ZX80, ZX81 and ZX Spectrum


Timex/Sinclair series

Toshiba (T100)

Video Genie TRZ-80, PMC-80

VTech Laser 200

Xerox (820 range)

Various MSX standard computers