Amstrad PCW Software

The Amstrad PCW was marketed as a personal word-processor (hence the W in PCW name) and came bundled with a powerful piece of software at the time in Locoscript. Famously, Sir Alan Sugar's brief for the product was to produce a word-processor so simple that his then secretary could use it - the Amstrad PCW therefore became affectionally known as 'Joyce' and was even sold under the name across mainland Europe.

However, the PCW was equipped with not only a full Zilog Z80 processor, but up to 512k of RAM and came with the full CP/M operating system provided on disk. It was therefore a very capable computer in its own right - although at the niche end of the scale.

Hopefully the following RetroIDE utilities are useful to you:


Show the full Disk Parameter Block (DPB) for a given drive. This small utility will query the system to get the full DPB. May work on other CP/M systems, but it's been written specifically for the Amstrad PCW.

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